Read Alien Privacy Policy:

Read Alien via MLL is open source software. You are welcome to join the project or inspect its quality.
We use standard HTTP SSL for all connections between all enpoints of the software, including
when data is replicated between the device and the website as well as the desktop.

Read Alien does not (currently) connect to any social networking or sharing capabilities with
other websites other than distributing your stories and learning progress among the devices
you are using with your account.
Read Alien's security depends heavily on the security of CouchDB for both user authentication and
data management. If vulnerabilities are discovered in CouchDB, we promise to do whatever it
takes to apply the necessary recovery procedures.
As of now, Read Alien does not ask for any personal information whatsoever outside of the basic
creation of an account and password on the server. When using OAUTH to create your account,
we ask for as little as possible - not more than an email address, if the social network
provides an option for it. (Not all do).
If you have any questions at all about your privacy here that is not clear, please contact us.