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Learning a language should be just like reading a book.

Driven by open-source.

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How it Works

Chat like a native. Reduce the fear.

Learn foreign literature that you provide. On your terms.

Tonal languages are hard.
We bring an end to rote-memorization.

Overlay verb conjugations with an IME-style keyboard to real-time assist the person you're talking to. Data from the literature that you read feeds directly into a context-based learning experience.

We support polyphomes, character grouping/merging, and complex parsing of character-based languages.

If we don't conjugate verbs correctly, the data will tell us how to do it right the next time.

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The language experience you didn't know existed...

Free up to 300MB

Pay only for the content that you import.


Learn in context. Words and statistics are cross-referenced across stories.

Always mobile.

Your device is by far the best way to use the system. Read on a tablet. Chat on your phone.

Open Source

Our designs and algorithms are open for all to see: Check it out.

You choose the complexity.

By importing your own stories, you don't depend on us to provide them for you.

Chat with assistance

Instant messaging that's smart enough to read your own vocabulary in real-time.

Mobile-ready. Offline-ready.

Synchronized across all your devices.
Take languages offline and on-the-go.

Open-source language for all.

Tech Stack:

  • Git Repository: http://github.com/hinesmr/mica
  • Python + Python-for-Android + Kivy-iOS
  • Docker, Linux, HAProxy, REST, RPC, Nginx, Ubuntu
  • CouchDB + Couchbase Mobile + SQLite
  • XMPP + Ejabberd + converse.js
  • Jquery Mobile + Bootstrap
  • Xcode, Android Studio